Support and Services for the RDKit

We provide professional support and services for the RDKit.

Support Contracts

We offer RDKit support contracts so that you have the ability to ask questions about the RDKit in a non-public forum and to help set priorities for RDKit development. They're also a great way to show your support for the project.
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Installation, Integration, and Training

We have a strong motivation to help you be happy, productive RDKit users. To this end we offer services to help install the RDKit and integrate it into customers’ systems as well as a variety of training modules to help get your local users familiar with using the RDKit to accomplish common cheminformatics tasks.
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We're trying to build a sustainable and interesting business around the RDKit. The RDKit is great (not that we're objective here), but there are some questions about how a business around an open-source cheminformatics toolkit might actually work.

Our early attempts to answer those questions will be posted via Greg's Medium account. If you have additional thoughts or ideas, please do get in touch!

In the meantime, why not read some more about the RDKit?