Support contracts for the RDKit

We offer RDKit support contracts so that organizations have the ability to ask questions about the RDKit in a non-public forum and to help set priorities for RDKit development.

Let’s start with the basics: what does a support agreement get you?

  • A CDA in place to make reporting problems easier and a private, secure file-transfer area
  • Email and online support for X contact persons. Support otherwise is via public routes like the mailing lists and github
  • Support customers participate in prioritization of bug fixes, new features, and new documentation
  • Support customers can request off-cycle patch releases and binaries
  • The opportunity to demonstrate, in a direct and concrete way, that the RDKit is important to your organization

The base price for this is CHF 10K per year for a single contact person and a limited number of standard platforms. Standard platforms include modern versions of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. The price for supporting additional standard platforms, as well as non-standard platforms, varies by situation. In the event that a support customer would like to have more than one person able to directly contact T5 Informatics for support: additional contacts cost CHF 2K/year.

There's considerably more background about the thinking behind this in a blog post.