Installation, Integration, and Training Services

We have a strong motivation to help create happy, productive RDKit users. To this end we offer services to help install the RDKit and integrate it into customers’ systems. We also have a variety of training modules on offer to help get local users familiar with how to use the RDKit to accomplish common cheminformatics tasks.

There are a large number of possible scenarios here. In the simplest we’d work with you to ensure that the RDKit and its dependencies are installed properly in your environment so that you can start working with the toolkit. At the other end of the complexity spectrum we work with you to build on this installation and create scripts that solve standard problems in your IT/data environment. These scripts can provide the basis for your future work with the RDKit. After all, editing and adapting an existing script requires a much smaller investment of time than learning how to create your own from scratch. There are many possible variations between these two extremes.

By there very nature these services can’t be standardized. Like most consulting offerings, price them on a per day basis. The price will depend on the scope of the engagement and the travel required. We’ll work with you in order to find an structure that makes sense for both your organization and T5 Informatics.

There's considerably more background about the thinking behind this in a blog post.